HideSeenHits functionality is integrated into LinkedIn Recruiter. Why did you produce this extension then?

You mean LinkedIn’s feature “Hide previously viewed”. However, this is not comparable with the superior features of HideSeenHits.

HideSeenHits is clearly better because:

  1. It also hides people whose profile pages you have not opened, for example because you have already recognized when viewing the result list that the person does not fit. You would not even open the profiles of such candidates. An enormous time saving with HideSeenHits
  2. the built-in function hides people across all projects.
    With HideSeenHits you can hide profiles depending on the project. A certain candidate may be unsuitable as a data scientist, but suitable as a software developer. With “Do not show previously viewed profiles” you will never see the candidate again, even though he might be suitable for the new position.
  3. With the built-in feature, you can’t control when the profiles will reappear. After about half a year it is often worth knocking again. In HideSeenHits you can set exactly when people should appear again in the search results.