Yes. The communication between your computer and the HideSeenHits server is encrypted through SSL – the security standard of the world today.
Your data won’t be used for anything but the function of the extension itself (no marketing analysis, etc.).

HideSeenHits is much advanced to LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn Recruiter LiteLinkedIn Recruiter CorporateHideSeenHits
Hide globally✔️ ✔️
Hide specific to current project✔️
Share hide lists via Cloud✔️

Yes, just activate the “global lists” feature.


Then on “Advanced”, then the switch “Global Lists”
Now there’s a new button appeared labelled “Hide globally”.

Clicking it will add this profile to your global list

Currently there’s support only for LinkedIn Recruiter and Recruiter Lite. Soon there’ll be support for LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Xing won’t be supported as it’s too small.

Yes, because no personal data is stored.

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