What does it do?

When sourcing for talents for a certain position, it is necessary after some time to vary the search terms in order to obtain new results. Because these new search criteria¬† apply to many persons you’ve found before, more and more unwanted duplicates will appear in your results lists. Processing these duplicates is a considerable waste of time.
LinkedIn offers no solution to hide those hits (search results) in which you are no longer interested.
The purpose of HideSeenHits is to hide these unwanted hits and save much time.


Think of the duplicates as unwanted advertising. Like an adblocker, HideSeenHits hides the profiles you’ve seen before.

HSH displays a new button labeled “Hide all” at the end of each result list of LinkedIn Recruiter (Lite). If you click this button, all results of the current page are added to a hide list and no longer displayed in future search results.

Since a person you have ignored for good reason when searching for a particular vacancy may be suitable for another of your vacancies, you should use the project lists to ensure that profiles are only hidden if you have already seen them when searching for the same vacancy. You can create a separate list for each of the vacancies and then activate the corresponding list before you start the sourcing session.

Cloud Sync

If you use HSH on several computers, you want the projects to be synchronized between these machines. That is also possible. Simply create a user account here LINK and log in using the link in the program window.

Basic Operations

Lists can be deleted and renamed. Click the ^

Global Lists

You have probably often found profiles that you would never contact, for example because you do not perceive a cultural fit with your organization. Regardless of the vacancy you are currently sourcing for, you don’t want to see these people in the search results anymore.
In HideSeenHits it is possible to hide these profiles globally, i. e. indepentent of the currently activated project.
You can enable this function in the Burger menu –> Adanced –> Global Lists