This Google Chrome Extension will save you days of work!

Are you annoyed of getting similar search results again and again? Wouldn’t it be great to hide known profiles from the search results lists?
With this extension it’s possible!

HideSeenHits gives you a big advantage over LinkedIn’s standard hide features:

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate HideSeenHits
Hide seen profiles globally for all projects (vacancies) 🟡 [su_tooltip style=”dark” position=”top” shadow=”yes” rounded=”no” size=”4″ title=”” content=”only after profile page has been opened (more time consuming)” behavior=”hover” close=”no”]Hover me to open tooltip[/su_tooltip] ✔️ (profile page must not have been opened)
Hide only for current project (vacancy) 🟡 [tooltips keyword=’ⓘ’ content=’There’s a “hide” next to each search result but no “hide all to current project button”. So you have to click 25 times (number of search results per page) instead of ONE click with HideSeenHits!’] ✔️ (no one by one: hide all 25 profiles of current search results page with one click)
Share hide lists via Cloud ✔️


Learn more in this video:

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